Behind The Scenes

Join me at Dare To Be DINO – March 17 & 18 – San Diego, CA

I’m so excited and honored to be presenting at the Dare To Be DINO Women’s Transformational event!! Please consider joining me at this two-day event taking place in San Diego. The event organizer, Debbra Sweet, has gathered a group of inspiring women who will be sharing about how to live your life and create a…

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2016 – Year in Review – Marcy Browe Photography

So, turns out I’ve had a busy 2016!! I didn’t realize just how busy I had been this year until I tallied the numbers: 139 photoshoots: 29,190 shutter clicks 65% Portraits and Personal Branding 35% Family Photography   This has been such a fun year … I’ve photographed all kinds of women who responded to my…

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Community over Competition – practicing the abundance mentality

corporate portrait San Diego CA

I recently joined a women’s mastermind group called Connect For Success, and Heather Marsh of HMM Creative – a photographer and personal branding expert – is also in this group. When she noticed that I joined the group, she reached out to me with an open heart and a collaborative spirit and said “let’s connect” (ah…

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Hot Ballroom Nights portraits and behind the scene photos

I have the pleasure of working with the Hot Ballroom Nights team again this year!!! I was in Hermosa Beach at the You Can Dance studio a few weeks ago to photograph the dancer’s portraits and behind the scenes from their practice sessions and I’ll be there the night of the show to capture photos on the red…

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Confessions from a former Corporate America worker bee

career switch

A couple of years ago, I orchestrated a turning point in my life – I left my corporate job to become an entrepreneur. It took me 15 years to admit to myself that my cushy salary, generous benefits and stock bonuses weren’t worth it to me.   My soul was crying out to do something…

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My Personal Philosophy on Re-Touching Photos

Ok, people, let’s talk about Photoshop. Re-touching, air brushing, a digital facial … whatever you call it, the power of Photoshop in the right hands can be etherial. But if your re-toucher over-uses Photoshop it can make your photos look very un-natural. Fake, dated, blurry, altered, cartoonish … these are NOT words you want people…

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Engagement portraits | Kieran & Lauren | Marcy Browe Photography

engagement portrait

The “save the date” notices have gone out. That means I can finally share the engagement photos I took of my cousin, Kieran, and his fiance, Lauren, this summer! Here is a video with scenes from their portrait shoot, which took place on a perfect summer evening in a grassy field in Brattleboro, Vermont. Personally…

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Video Tip: How to strike a flattering pose in photos

Slenderiezer video

I call this move the “Slender-izer” I’m letting you in on a photographer’s posing tip. It’s quite simple, and it’s guaranteed to give you a more flattering body shape in photos. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look their best in a photo? You know how people say the camera adds 10 pounds?…

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5 tips for printing and preserving your digital images

   300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily (yes, daily!!!!) Every second, about 26 photos are uploaded to Instagram  67% of moms take a photo of their kids weekly on their phone Clearly, we are living in a photo obsessed society. We snap and share pictures without even thinking twice. Personally, I love taking…

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5 tips for getting perfect makeup for your headshot portrait

makeup for a headshot

I’ve got another how-to video for you, ladies! This time we’re talking about how to get great makeup for your headshot photo shoot. Whether you’re a seasoned glam gal or you’re more of the natural type, there are some nuggets of wisdom in this video. Once you have your headshot session booked, it’s time to…

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Tips for getting great hair for your headshot photoshoot

hair stylist

Hey ladies! Let’s talk about hair. Specifically, how to ensure you have great hair for your headshot portrait. Every professional — regardless of the industry you’re in —  should have a great headshot of themselves. You need a recent, professional-looking photo to use when promoting yourself on social media, in industry trade publications, for speaking…

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Behind the Scenes: family portrait on the beach in San Diego

family portrait Pacific Beach

Go behind the scenes with me as I photograph a family on the beach in San Diego. This family is SO much fun to be around. They are all super sporty and competitive and silly. And they love to have a great time together so, of course, we got some great family portraits of this clan.…

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San Diego Family Photographer – holiday card season

It’s holiday card season! It’s not too late to book a photo shoot with me for your family’s holiday cards. If you’re a super duper procrastinator, have no fear — we can create a video greeting card for you to send to all of your loved ones electronically, like the example included above! Who needs to…

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Kyndra de St. Aubin

behind the scenes portrait shoot

I recently photographed Kyndra de St. Aubin, who represents the new generation of female sports broadcasters. A former University of Minnesota soccer star, Kyndra is currently an analyst for women’s college soccer, basketball and softball! Kyndra lives in Arizona, but she came to LA for a few days with her beautiful 7-month-old baby girl and…

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